Computer Science in Austria – Data from a first Call

Seven Austrian universities teach computer science in in total 83 courses.
The largest course is Software & Information Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna with 1710 students. The currently smallest course is Bioinformatics at the University of Linz with 16 students.
The research areas comprise some classical areas like software engineering, visual computing and research on parallel and distributed systems, more application oriented topics like Aerospace Research in Salzburg an reach up to areas that – at the first glance – don’t really sound like computer science at all. As an example, biomedical engineering was just recently transferred to the Faculty of Informations an the Technical University Graz.
That’s only one of many indicators, that computer science is becoming more and more a crucial element in other sciences rather than just a tool.

Another indicator for the diversity of computer science may be seen in the gender equality of students. The most male class is Scientific Computing at the University Vienna with over 91 percent of male students. On the other side, almost half of the students at the Didactics of Computer Science class at the University of Vienna are female. The overall ratio of male and feamle students is 80:20 – computer science is more female than other technical studies.

This overview was part of the first media seminar of informatik_austria. Other topics were an overview on Software Engineering and Verifictaion research by Roderick Bloem, and a crash course on Visual Computing by Werner Purgathofer.

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