informatik_austria – the first week

On Friday, the first ever media seminar of informatik_austria took place. Silvia Miksch and Franz Wotawa gave an overview on computer science in research and education on Austrian universities. Roderick Bloem gave an introduction to verification and validation, Werner Purgathofer took the audience on a round trip through Visual Computing in Austria.

Articles on the event were published in many media; among others:
Wiener Zeitung

In the evening, informatik_austria invited to the open discussion of Gerhard Widmer and Peter Norvig at Café Heuer. The moderator was Elke Ziegler; Widmer and Norvig discussed on intelligence and other antropomorphisms in computer science (Do we really believe, that machines think) and answered questions from the audience.

(Pictures: Nadja Meister)

Peter Norvigs Vienna-trip in the media:
ORF Science
Tiroler Tageszeitung
Südtirol News


Peter Norvig cam to Vienna as a guest of the Faculty of Informatics of the Technical University; he was the speaker of this year’s Gödel Lecture.
Here is a complete recording of his talk.


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