Computer Science and Integration

Universities are open for encounters. Openness and education are important foundations for integration – that’s a few of many reasons why Austrian universities will open their courses for refugees. „More“ is an initiative of the „Universitätenkonferenz“ that creates the framework that allows refugees to enter universities.

Non-bureaucratic ways to assess qualifications, languag promotion, access to libraries, waivers of tutorial fees and a buddy system to provide orientation are a few examples of that framework.

A possible follow-up could be a „No-Border-Academy“ that includes refugees in the planning and teaching of classes, explains Elisabth Fiorioli, general secretary oft he Universitätenkonferenz.

Informatik Austria and the institutes and faculties of computer science of the Austrian universities support this initiative and will provide offers for refugees.

The institutes of Computer Science of the Alpen Adria University Klagenfurt will offer 50 places for refugee-students and create a course in object oriented programming. The faculty of informatics oft he Technical University Vienna (TU) will accept refugees as extraordinary students and create a buddy-system. Moreover, a follow up of the initiative „Welcome.TU.code“ is being considered: During the summer, the TU offered beginners’ classes in computer science for young refugees.


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