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An initiative of computer scientists at Austrian universities and research institutions to foster the sustainability of society and science

Computer science is a logical approach to things with the aim to solve problems and create innovative solutions. With the help of informatics and information technology, problems can be analyzed, understood and solved step by step.

Those who understand computer science can shape the world

Computer science is not only about solving problems, but also about shaping the basics of many processes in business, communication and science. Computer science thus becomes one of the important creativity tools of our time: who understands the basics of the universal science can shape the world.


Computer Science is more than writing code. As one of the core scientific disciplines, computer science contributes to basically all areas of research. In Austria, these systematic basics start with Kurt Gödel, Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle and look back on a long tradition.

Computer Science enables independence and self-determination

Computer Science is nowadays mostly hidden “under the hood” – as software in smartphones, cars, or other complex systems. The solution-driven approach, agile methods and the capabiliy to create great effects with simple tools are basic principles of computer science, that can be adopted to many other areas. Those who understand these basics also unterstand risks and dependencies. That’s how basic knowlegde in computer science contributes to independence and self-determination for everybody.

Computer Science creates the preconditions for innovation

With research and education, the departments and faculties of Computer Science at Austrian universities create the basics for a competitive economy and an open society. Without computer science, it has become almost impossible to imagine any business activity (be it a start-up or a big corporation), communication or even coping with trivial everyday-tasks. Furthermore, computer science has become a foundation for basically all sciences in the 21st century. The efforts of the Austrian institutes, departments and faculties of computer science create the preconditions for sustainable wealth and promising prospects.

informatik_austria connects, coordinates and intensifies the communication activities of Austrian computer scientists. Some of our targets are :

  • Communicate the significance of computer science as an area of research and as systematic foundation for other sciences
  • Survey communication needs of the participants and establish a communication hub
  • Develop strategic communication targets, take according actions
  • Coordinate and showcase public-oriented activities
  • Organise events and communication activities for defined target groups
  • Create means of promotion and communication


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